At CABE Timber Frame, we specialise in the manufacture and erection of timber frame houses and buildings.
From our base in the North of England, we supply the whole of the UK.
With a commitment to quality, craftsmanship and innovation, we bring your architectural visions to life.
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Timber frame construction has gained significant traction in the modern UK construction industry, accounting for approximately 23% of new home builds.

In Scotland, this technology is the preferred choice for 85% of the housing market, showcasing its widespread acceptance and effectiveness. The use of offsite timber frame construction allows for faster and more sustainable building processes compared to traditional methods, making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution.

CABE's modern timber frame structures are precision-engineered, strong and durable. The offsite manufacture of our timber frames, up to and including passive house standard ensures high quality,  reduced build programs, less waste and enhanced build efficiency.

The history of timber frame construction in the UK dates back to medieval times, and its revival since the 1970s has led to a renewed interest in this traditional yet innovative building method. Timber frames are known for their strength, structural integrity, and ability to withstand significant pressure and load due to unique joinery techniques, making them a reliable and enduring construction solution.

In summary, at CABE Timber Frame Ltd, we are dedicated to harnessing the art of timber framing and combining it with modern engineering and sustainability principles to deliver exceptional homes and buildings up to passive house standard. Our expertise, coupled with the proven benefits of timber frame construction, positions us as a leading choice for realising architectural dreams in the contemporary UK construction landscape.

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